Why doesn’t it matter?

Another day, another shooting. So many lives lost. Yet nothing will change. These guns that shoot masses of people in seconds won’t be taken away.

I can’t wrap my head around it.

I’m in a moms group with a woman who’s husband was shot in the San Bernardino shooting. It was heartbreaking to see her post that there was a shooting and she’s hoping her husband was ok and he wasn’t. He was dead. And now it’s heartbreaking to see her have to navigate life as a widow.

Yet no one is willing to talk about real solutions. Everyone has on their republican or democrat hat and with those hats on no real solutions can be discussed. It’s so sad that people let their political identity dictate their common sense. Taking away guns that kill masses of people in a second can only be good for public safety. There is no rational argument against it.

That said, here’s the argument I hear: Cars kill people, do we take away cars? Or knives? I understand the argument but here is my response; the method matters. People choose guns because they are glamorized in our country. They make people feel powerful and as long a they are readily  available people will use them to kill masses of innocent people.

I remember reading an article about suicide and when Great Britain converted from coal gas to natural gas (making harder to kill your self by sticking your head in the oven), suicides dropped by 30 percent (and has stayed down 30 percent for over 30 years). Once a quick and easy way to kill people (themselves) was taken away, they didn’t do it. Guns matter because they are so important to the method. They matter because the easier you make it for people to kill people, the easier they will do it.

I worked with people with mental illness for a long time. One of the tasks I would have to do was administer medications for clients who had suicidal histories. I had one client who I adored: she was funny and smart and also deeply depressed. For years we administered her medication and I never fully got it. I kept thinking she could just go to the store and buy tylenol if she really wanted to overdose. Years passed we stopped administering her medication and she overdosed on her medications. It was the method. She was fixated on the method.

I’ve also heard people say, “evil people will do evil things.” That maybe true but we don’t have to supply them the ammunition. We don’t have to make it so easy for them. I mean we are suppose to try to fight evil, right? Not give them weapons of mass destruction.

Will taking away guns get rid of all violence. Of course not. Will it protect some innocent people from dying. WITH OUT A FUCKING DOUBT.

So I am trying to be kind and ‘look for the helpers’ and believe that there is a higher purpose in all this sadness but honestly I am struggling because I feel like greed is winning. The NRA is winning. They are buying our government, our congressmen and woman and they do not give a single fuck about public safety. About the lives that are dying at the hands of their profitable weapons.

It should be noted that I grew up in a house with guns. My parents were responsible gun owners. Do I think that my step fathers hobby of going to a shooting range trumps my kids getting shot in the head at concert or church. No. But if people want their guns. Fine. They don’t get to have weapons of mass destruction. They don’t get to have weapons that kill hundreds of people at a far range because it simply DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

Sending so much love to these victims and their families and friends.

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