When you suffer from Man-Cold but you’re a Woman

Woman are constantly complaining about their husbands having a “man cold” and I have a confession: I’m a man colder….In fact when I get sick my husband nicknamed me “Baby-Infant” because baby wasn’t specific enough. I was more like a infant: useless, unable to articulate why I’m crying and could barely hold my head up.

In fact, I currently have a cold and honestly: it sucks. I’m won’t suffer in silence either. I don’t actually see the point in it. If I’m sick I want everyone to know I’m sick. I want your sympathy and I want to moan and eat toast and not do a damn thing.

Does this make me a hero. No. I doubt it makes me super fun to be around either. That’s ok: I’m sick. I’m not currently enjoying myself, so why should anyone else get the pleasure? I just don’t understand this culture that likes to cultivate the idea that if your sick you have to soldier on and not talk about it. If you feel bad, feel bad. You have one life and it’s okay to take care of yourself and treat yourself to some well deserved napping, chicken soup and tv.

Also, if you get a boner because you are able to get through life not talking about how your feeling when you are sick that’s fine to. Just keep your boner away from me. Ain’t nobody got time for boners when they have the man-cold.

In fact the only things I DO have time for are: doughnuts, sympathy, bad TV, and ignoring my children.



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