The Grinch.

Let me start by saying; I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I love the traditions and the gift giving and gift receiving. I love watching my kids open presents. I enjoy the magic of Santa and the food and family gatherings and christmas parties. ALL. OF. IT. Yet I’m starting of feel sad about the excessive present giving. It feels almost like an addiction. Something that people search and hunt for and spend money on and time on. Looking for bigger and better deals. Pushing people in line and treating gift buying like a competitive sport rather then a time to reflect on the person you love and a way to show them a token of how much they mean to you.

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. All these deals. It has gotten wayyyy out of hand. People seems to think they will solve all their problems by saving $3.99 on a toy not one really wants or needs. All the consumerism and deal grabbing just feels gross. So much time and energy go into trying to save money on these things that the true meaning of christmas is lost.

I get that giving presents is a way to show love and people feel if they buy more presents they are showing more love and they can buy more presents if they get better deals.

The older I get the more I understand the Grinch, “Maybe he thought, christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe he thought christmas is a little bit more.”

I want my kids to understand that showing love isn’t about how much you have but how much you give. I want them to understand that true happiness isn’t about what you get and how much you get. It’s about how much love and tenderness you have shown to other people in your life.

Presents are great way to show love but they shouldn’t be mindless empty presents that you bought because there was a sick deal. It should be a way to show appreciation and thoughtfulness for a person.

My mom always jokes that in her house “it’s quantity over quality” and she is a very generous and loving person. With that said Christmas basically becomes her olympics. She trains for it all year long. There are hundreds and hundreds of presents. ┬áIt’s insanity and even though I know it’s done with love, I worry that it’s not teaching my kids to love and appreciate what they have.

I know that it will be my job to show my kids that getting a lot of presents is fun but the real reason their grandma is so christmas crazy and because she loves to give & I hope the take away is that they grow up to become givers to and see the joy in giving and doing for others.

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