Huge Headed Babies & Other Reasons C-sections Are Awesome.

“Thank god you had a C-Section his heads f*cking HUGEE!” Those were the first words I heard uttered about my son. It should be noted that they were said with a thick Boston accent by my nurse. I just had a c-section and was lying on the cold table, my hands spread like Jesus on the cross and the nurse had just ushered my huge headed son over to me so we could basically head butt each other before he was whisked off to my husband.

Needless to say, it was not the birth I had envisioned. Lots of other things happened to: we lost his heart rate completely after the epidural (it’s normal for it to dip a bit) but when they lost it completely they rushed me into for an emergency C-section. Luckily they found it before they put me under and we resumed trying to have a “normal”  birth: ending in a c-section.

To be honest I don’t know what I was expecting. My birth plan was only to get an epidural as soon as I legally could. I know some people like to brag about how much pain they can endure. I’m the opposite. I like to brag about how little pain I can handle and how quickly I can get out of feeling any of it. Basically if they put a margarita machine in the room I would have been fine with it.

I am not saying this to diminish woman who go without drugs. You ladies have my respect. Truly. We all take different paths for different reasons and however you chose to bring a baby in the world (as long as it’s done with love and care) is the right way.

I’m just always surprised when people seem sad that I had a c-section, like there was something wrong with my birth. I loved my birth. The four days in the hospital were some of the best days of my life. Having Augie wasn’t a perfect ride but it was my ride and I am so grateful for my team of doctors and nurses who made it possible. Especially to my nurse, Joy, who was my rock during all of the messiness. I’ll never forget how attentive and kind she was during the whole ordeal, even as she introduced me to my son with his huge f*cking head.

To me birth is similar to making the best meal you will ever eat. Sometimes you get some swearing chefs and have a few fires before the magic happens. Once it happens though you don’t care how it was made because it’s the best thing in the world.

Holding my son for the first time was so incredible and something that will never be diminished by the fact that he came from stomach and not my vagina. So please never feel sorry for anyone who had c-section. We are lucky beyond measure. Lucky to have medical advancements and a healthcare system that allows people like me to have beautiful, healthy,  albeit huge headed babies.

*Side note: I told my friend Liz this story over the weekend and she asked if I had my baby at minute clinic in Revere. This made me laugh. Like, A lot. But no,sadly, I had my baby at Brigham & Women’s.



8 thoughts on “Huge Headed Babies & Other Reasons C-sections Are Awesome.”

  1. I had 2 c-sections as well! Not the way I envisioned my first either but Just glad the babies were safe! As moms we gotta do what we gotta do!

  2. This is an awesome article! We are blessed to have the medical advancements that we do have in order for every woman to experience childbirth as comfortable as possible. Although most of it is uncomfortable, it could be worse if technology wasn’t so advanced!

  3. i love this. as long as both mommy and baby are healthy, it shouldn’t matter how it happened. i also got an epidural immediately and would have loved a margarita machine! no extra prizes for enduring extra pain 🙂

  4. LOL, people like to give their when I was pregnant and other women (Namaste mom) were saying: “OHHH I loved being pregnant!” Well, I hated it! But I love my babies beyond recognition!

  5. I’m so glad that you’ve published this post. I had two C-sections. My first child was delivered by emergency C-section after a four day intense labour. My second child was delivered by “elective” C-section but as my OB said “you have a less then 5% chance of giving birth naturally successfully.” The number of times after both C-sections that I was told me people that I wasn’t a real mum as I didn’t experience child birth or that I missed out or took the easy way out. Seriously, all that matters is that both of my children arrived safely.

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