Sophia the BEST

I think I have developed an emotional connection to Sophia the first. It’s not normal but it’s there. She has become (easily) my favorite kid show. It’s strange for me because I always thought I would be a mom that tries to discourage the princess world.

Truthfully, I don’t like the idea that we tell our daughters to aspire to be something they will most definitely not be. It’s not like they can run for princess. Or if they do their homework, they can be a princess someday.

Something about princess culture made me feel a little barf(y). To tell our sweet girls that hopefully someday some guy will pick you and you can boss people around based on your social status is the way I want my daughter to view the world.

Plus it feels off when someone calls her a princess: I’m not a queen, my husband’s not a king and I’ve never even seen a fucking moat.

Then I saw Sofia the First and my feelings softened. There is something whimsical & charming about the show. Maybe it’s my personal connection to Sophia: she moved at young age, she has a step dad, she doesn’t always fit in. Also, she owns a flying horse which is a longstanding dream of mine. I love everything about it.

So my hope is that times are a changin’ and so are Princesses. As long as they are shown in strong, powerful, kind hearted ways, I’m ok with my daughter watching them.

With the noted exception of Rapunzel: I will annoyed if my daughter aspires to be like some dummy who’s only skill is hair growing. We’re not the Duggars.

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