Preschool photo gone right.


Me: “Augie’s first school pictures are in and he looks like he showed up for his real estate photo late and hungover.”

RE: “Holy shit, he looks like his father.”

Me: “It’s frightening, I can see him in 20  years. “Hi. I’m Augie. I got a great new listing, sorry I’m late, I had four martini’s last night”

RE: “I’m showing my friend your facebook feed.”

Me: “Perfect. Let her know if she’s looking for property, my son’s not as drunk as he looks.”

RE: “Will do. She’s wondering where he got his blazer.”

Me: “Well, I jammed my husky 3.5 year old into a slim fitting 2t blazer.”

RE: “Well done. Definitely slimming.”

Me: “Then I made him do the “fat guy in a little coat” dance. I figure he can pay for his therapy with all his real estate money.”

RE: “Did you get him drunk first?”

Me: “I’m sure one of us were drinking.”

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