Found a new way to make money: sell your child’s poop.

Last year I wanted a stroller: a specific, expensive double stroller. My in-laws had generously offered to buy me one as a new baby gift but I felt like a brat asking for a $500 dollar (plus) stroller. I also would buy the stroller used but knew they wouldn’t be comfortable gifting us something used, so I ended up getting a more reasonably priced one.

Which would have been fine if this wasn’t a ridiculously heavy & annoying stroller that barely fit in my car (I’m looking at you Graco Sit & Stand) I wanted my dream stroller: a red City Mini double. I became like the Ralphie from a A Christmas Story constantly dreaming about this his Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.

I also had a desire to buy it with my “own” money. So this is when shit (literally) gets weird. Someone had told me about a diaper study. They said it was easy and pays $200.  Much like I do with anything, I did no research and just showed up for the study. I was given a bag, free diapers, and told to bag the first 4 diapers of the day and document how they “did” for three weeks. Then return the used diapers (weekly).

oh. okay.

I had not told my husband about this & decided it would be more fun to “surprise” him. Some women buy lingerie as surprise, I come home with a large tan bag that I will fill with my daughter ‘s poopy diapers. For weekssss.

So that’s what I did. And you know what: I regret NOTHING. I got my dream stroller & I enjoyed buying something with my own money.

That said, my days of bagging diapers and dropping them off to some random women at a research lab are done.


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