I gave my kid an extra hug & an extra freeze pop because FUCK YOU terrorist.

I am heartbroken about Orlando. I can’t stop thinking about the mothers of those poor people. The mothers that carried them in their belly’s for 9 months, who made lunches and took them to doctor appointments. And now there babies are gone. No more holidays, or weddings or grandkids. My heart breaks for those mothers and friends and brothers and everyone who had a life taken from them. It’s so sad. And unfair. I have been crying for two days.

I know that I have a choice and this choice is important. I can let fear and anger and sadness consume me. Or I can fight. Fight to take away the guns who are killing our babies. Fight to stop the hate that has divided this country. Fight to elect people who lead with compassion and strength and don’t fan the fire of hate.

There is a saying, “progress is inevitable” and I believe it. The world moves forward. But it’s not a straight line that moves up. There is a resistance to change and progress. Orlando was about resisting this change. Change that in today’s world people can love who they want. I truly believe if at the core of whatever your doing is love, it is never wrong. To the beautiful people who were dancing or to the good people who were at church, the children trying to learn and the men &  woman who were simply going to work, I promise you were not lost in vain. Your family and friends do not lose you to nothing. Your lives are a reminder that love will prevail. Progress will continue despite these cowards best efforts.

At the end of the day, I know I can only show my children love and compassion this day, this moment. I fully understand that my son and daughter could have been at that club. Or at work. Or at church. Or at elementary school for fucks sake and I will let this serve as a reminder that right now matters. Right now I have a choice to choose love or hate. To give extra kisses and giggles and snuggles and let my babies know, right here, right now I love them so much. I know that continuing to be sad and angry will not help anything. “Holding on to anger and resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”  So I will not take your pill, you terrorist asshole. I will be angry but I will turn that angry into action. I promise you will not make into a hateful person, because then you have won.

I will continue to fight, I will sign every gun law petition, I will fight to elect people who believe in more funding for mental heath initiatives and people who lead with love and compassion. I will do random acts of kindness in honor of these victims and remember that today is what matters.

To the victims: I hope where ever you are, you are dancing.

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