Halloween Then & Now

So with the invention of social media, the devil’s website (Pinterest) and always present need to keep up with the Jones, Halloween has become a T-H-A-N-G and I am have become a part of the problem. Granted, a very C student part of the problem but still. For example, my daughter currently has two costumes, we’ve carved pumpkins and made Halloween cookies. We’re even buying the big candy bars. Is there an obesity problem in this country. Yes. Does my need to impress the neighbors with come before that problem. Fuck Yes.

That said, I LOVE Halloween: Celebration is fun! Candy is fun! Costumes are fun! I am not in any way bashing Halloween. This is more a commentary about how much it’s changed over the years. Growing up I had homemade costumes but none that involved sowing or preparation. More like my parents going, “Shit it’s Halloween, err…wear a night gown.” I wore a long flannel nightgown one year. I wanted to spruce it up, so I out a pillow under it to be (I guess) a pregnant girl in a nightgown?!?! I’m sure the neighbors were…confused. Another year my dad came home with a white hazmat type suit. My Dad (ever the nuclear power protester) told me to tell everyone I was a Chernobly victim. Sick of fighting nuclear power (at age 9) I went with a deflated Marshmellow Man.

So these costumes clearly aren’t ideal but it’s a nice reminder that nothing has to be perfect. Today my daughter threw a tantrum because she didn’t want to wear her monkey costume to music class, so she didn’t wear it and the world didn’t end. I never had fancy costumes or a ton of fanfare around Halloween but I always had a special place in my heart for it & It think it was because of the people I spent it with. I had a great neighborhood, with great people, who didn’t care that I was dressed as a little weirdo pregnant girl in a flannel nightgown. Nothing mattered more then the excitement of the night and the memories that were created.

So I am grateful for my friends & family and hope that my kids find a group people who will love them even if they are dressed as a unrecognizable deflated Marshmellow man.

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