Take a second to REALLY look it this picture a friend text. It’s a waxing salon that has decided to feature a graphic of a lady holding a lunch box (with a heart on it) over her vagina. It’s called lunchBOX. In case things aren’t being clear enough, they have capitalized BOX.

I have A LOT of questions for the designer of this. The first one being: what grade are you in? And do your parents know about this?

Also, we have all caught on to your VERY SUBTLE reference of some lady third base. Lunch=eat Box=vagina LunchBOX/Heart over vagina. I’ll give you some props though, I imagine it’s hard to take a female bathroom sign and have it simultaneously represent some sweet female love making & genitalia waxing.

Finally, thanks for addressing this unspoken truth in our society. Every woman knows getting their pubic hair ripped out with pipping hot wax (by a stranger) is basically the same thing as oral sex. FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT!!! All these woman who complain about getting waxed we know you are just getting your rocks off. I’ve gotten waxed exactly once and it hurt worse then childbirth but who knows maybe I just had a really ugly esthetician.

*Side note: My friend said her husband would more comfortable going into a x-rated video store.

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