The housewives.

Can I make a confession: I cringe a little when woman feel the need to defend how smart they are or how feminist they are and watch the housewives. Men never feel the need to do this when they spend their Sundays watching men butt wrestle each other (or whatever football is). I enjoy watching narcissistic woman yell at each other AND I REFUSE TO FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. We choose our down time. My husband is always trying to make me care about my TV choices, as he watches some golfer pretending to be Jack Nickelson, try to put a ball in a hole in between Viagra commercials. Sorry (not sorry) but I would rather listen to Jules talk about her cut up vagina any damn day. Does this make me smart. No. Does it make me dumb. No. It makes me relax. And maybe feel a little better about my non-cut up vagina.

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