EMERGENCY REPORT: Tony Danza liked a tweet of my baby doing an impression of him.

THIS JUST IN: Sir Tony Danza liked a tweet featuring my then 1 year old doing impression of him.

(In fairness, I did two and he chose to ignore the other one.)

I know your thinking a few things: “Why would anyone care about this?” “I can’t believe she did that and now I have to read about it.”

That coupled with an overwhelming sense of relief that Tony Danza is alive & well and has a moderate to high social media presence.

So..I concede, there are more important things to care about. But it’s been a shit time lately, the news is heavy and I am only now coming out my post-election funk. So I’m happy to be having these moments that make me feel normal again, moments like there is a possibility the world isn’t falling apart*.

As the great Martin Luther King said, “Only light can drive out darkness.” Knowing Danza watched my kids impersonate him served as that light.

So 2016, you shitbag of year, I say this: “YOU MAKE TAKE OUR LIVES BUT YOU’LL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOMMMMMM!!!!”

Our freedom is Tony Danza’s twitter account.

So let’s keep fighting the good fight & seek out the beauty wherever the fuck we can find it. For me it’s a baby yelling, ” ANGELLAAAAA!!! MONAAA!!! JON-A-THAN!!!


*the world is probably falling apart.


Precious Moments.

While wiping Augie’s bum he said very sweetly & very earnestly, “Look mom, the big one {turd} is you and the small one is me.”

As I flushed the toilet and Augie waved goodbye to two turds he named after us, I felt a strange sense of mama pride.

Sure, I just got called a (literal) POS but it was done by a boy who loves his mom & always wants us to be together. So I guess I’ll just take what I can get.